I figured I owe ya’ll an explanation as to why I’ve not been very active this past few days (like, almost an entire month). But like I said earlier, I have no excuses – I missed out on a lot of opportunities to update ya’ll in the latest social media news for the past few weeks. But this is because I was busy gathering experience for myself.

But hey, let’s all move forward now and since I’m back from my “mid-year” planning and “experience gathering”, I’m here to tell ya’ll some stories about where I’ve been.

Baguio’s Peak

So it’s my fourth time in Baguio and it was awesome. There, I was able to teach a bunch of kick-ass professionals how to optimize and utilize their LinkedIn profiles. I was also able to make some awesome video content WHILE learning how to make an awesome story board.

Other than that, I had a fun time with my friends and colleagues. Perhaps one of the most awesome things I did do was climb the highest peak of Baguio… and shout the three words of power FUS RO DAH!

Here’s a little video:


In any case, the place we stayed in was so awesome. At night, it was like Hogwarts because of how it’s got a lot of lights and stuff. During the day, however, it looks like the mages guild in Skyrim because of that globe in the center of the place.


Baguio’s highest point has an Internet connection, believe it or not.

It was fun, convenient and meaningful.

Bataan’s Nuclear Power Plant and Advocacies


When I stepped on Krypton street, I felt nauseous and stuff. LOL

I went on what my friend calls a “once in a lifetime” trip to the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Now in this journey, I realized how bloggers are now being empowered to serve many different causes and advocacies. I’d like to consider myself proud to be a blogger but moreso for being someone who’s able to make a dent in the world.


There it is, peeps. The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

More photos here.

Bacolod’s Lessons in Life

I’m not a deep person – or at least I don’t want to think of myself that way. Thing is, I got to assess how I was doing in life and how I can get to do other things besides the Internet. In Bacolod, the people were relatively friendlier than they are back here in Manila – there’s also less traffic, less pollution and a whole lot of land. And by that, I meant a lot of land to purchase.

From there, my dreams of being a haciendero came in and, almost immediately, ideas started popping in my head about which industries I can involve myself into. How many hectares of land will I buy? Could I possibly supply Bacolod the high demand for free-range chicken?


Here, I declared myself ruler of Bacolod.

In any case, I got to learn more about how life works (even in Manila) and how things in politics affect the general populous. Thing is it was a meaningful experience. And I also got to tell my Internet success story to the youth of Bacolod and how they can make a lot of money online vs going abroad or working with a  regular job.

So there you have it, peeps. I wasn’t on vacation for leisure and enjoyment. More like for planning, speaking engagements and soul searching!

In any case, I’m back with a fury and I’ll keep on writing!