If you’re ever wondering whether you’re a social media influencer, well, here’s what Philippine Blogging Authority, Janette Toral, has to say. Watch and listen, peeps. This is some awesome shiznit right here:


So, in a nutshell, if you’re on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social networks, I have good news  – YOU ARE A SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER, buddy!

Why is that the case? Well, here’s a little preview why:


(I’ll be coming up with a more comprehensive discussion on the 3 Rs of social media, peeps. It’s going to be a Freemium so stay tuned! Special thanks to Fleire Castro for inspiring me with the 3R concept!)

But hey, that said, being an influencer entails a lot of responsibility – after all, social media is word of mouth on steroids. One major mistake and you can end up being persecuted in social media (cyber bullying and what-not) or worse – totally ignored by your target audience.

My takeaway from this is that I have to be a little more careful about the things I say or publish in social media. And that I should be open with whatever results I’ve been able to produce with my posts.

Sure, people will have their different beliefs and opinions on certain topics, but the thing is that whether they agree with you or not, they’re there to react to your posts.


They took the time and effort to actually respond to you. And if you’re able to do that, you’re awesome!