One really cool way to curate content would be to look at Facebook Pages. If it’s a community page with a high engagement rate, then it’s bound to have the content you’ll need to get more traction off of your Facebook Page.

Now, there are many ways to curate content about Facebook Pages, but one of my most favorite methods is using the Facebook Interest List feature. Essentially, this feature allows you to segment your interests thereby making it easier for you to view feeds about your interests. For Facebook Page managers, it’s important because with it, they can scout the competition OR gather content that’s of high value (in other words, has tons of Likes, Shares and comments) and curate as appropriate.

Let’s get started.

I’m going to start off with an example that’s near and dear to me (it’s really an easy thing for me to make an example of besides social media marketing) – my love for (most of them anyway) things geeky.

So, essentially, you’ll think of other categories that are, in one way or another, relevant to whatever your business is. In this case, since I’m a geek:

-Video Games
-League of Legends
-effin’ Skyrim, man!
-etc etc etc
-Card Games
-Board Games
-Star Wars (not a Trekkie, but I know I should be one, so shut up – I’ll get to it eventually, Internet)
-Comic books

Now that I’ve segmented my main interest, I can now move forward and create a list. I just click on the Interest List option at the left side of my Facebook timeline and add them as necessary.


If you have a set of Liked Pages already, you’re given the option to add them – you’ll also be offered a bunch of public interests lists that you can also get content from.


When you’re in your Interest lists page, click on Create a list to make a new interest list. From there, you can now choose to do a search for the pages that are relevant to you OR add pages you’ve already Liked.

After adding the pages you’d like to follow, it should appear on your Interest List. Like so…


And you can also mark them as your Favorites so you see them immediately below the edit profile option at the left side of your Facebook timeline.


Now, the technique is to get the posts with high engagement – the more Likes, Shares and Comments, the better. Gather these and schedule them for your Facebook Page (with a different twist). Don’t forget to cite the source!

That’s about it for using Facebook Interest Lists as a content curation tool. What do you think? Let me know about your questions in the comments section!



[Featured Image from Deviant Art user InvisibleExplorer]