New Triathlon PR – Race Report NAGT 2018

Official time:

3:28:27.0 [Garmin time 3:28:31.5]

Proud to say that I broke my baseline record (because my Regent performance sucked butts). And while I know that this isn’t exactly my A-Race for this year, I’m just happy that I’m making some modicum of progress.

Swim Leg: 0:41:16/ 0:41:26.4

Still no shark but I’m pretty happy with my swim time. Don’t really have much to say except that maybe I need to change my goggles.

I felt like I wasn’t wearing my glasses… wait. Nevermind.

Bike Leg: 1:19:53/ 1:20:23.3

Hey, I’m pretty proud of my bike time. I was happy with the race course too – mostly flat with some semblance of an uphill slope.

Image from Run Cabanatuan

But mostly, I’m going to dedicate this part to apologizing to that lady whom I overtook from the shoulder. It was a mistake of mine and I wanted to look for you to apologize profusely. I’m so sorry and I’m just glad we’re all safe. This reinforces my idea of learning how to drive so I know basic traffic rules and etiquette so I’ll be able to navigate well not only for my safety but for others’ as well. Read more