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My Top 10 Video Game Villains and Bosses

A video game protagonist is just as good as the antagonist he/she fights against. Whether it’s a power-hungry tyrant who wants dominion over an entire nation or a demented super soldier bent on bringing on calamity and destruction upon the world, villains fascinate us not only because of their cunning wit or overwhelming power, but also […]

What’s Greatness for You?

“But the pursuit of greatness is kind of big enough, isn’t it?” Took a short trip down at the Second Wind shop at the 30th Ayala Mall and I saw this ad playing in one of their TVs. Was immediately inspired by this “greatness” ad and found it worth sharing. “Somehow, we’ve come to believe that […]

Prepping for the Storm that is Subit 2017

We had this conversation in our team Facebook group chat and, since I’m excited for Subit 2017, I associated it with a little conversation from the Hamilton musical. Team captain: “Only 5 weeks to go for solid training for SubIT.” Swim coach: “Speed sets week.” Me *to myself anyway*: “I am not throwing away my […]

Hello World! This is CarloAngeloGonzales.com

BACKSTORY: I’ve had several blogs before and have been known to create content about social media marketing, geekery and video games and volunteering. Thing is,  after a few unfortunate circumstances (taking too many business risks, not being wise to people’s tricks, losing some major clients because of not being wise enough, etc), I lost funding […]