About Me

I’m Carlo Angelo Gonzales and I’m an entrepreneur, a digital marketing consultant, a gamer, geek and frustrated dungeon master. I’m glad you got to visit my humble little space in the Internet.

I hope to be of service to you be it in providing strategic digital marketing advice or in just letting you know how to navigate through an abyssal dungeon in some forsaken town.

Whatever it is you need, I hope to help in the form of a narrative, a list article, a video or all of each at the same time.

So sit tight and enjoy the ride!


I’m a Filipino Digital Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Consultant who specializes in social media marketing. I’ve worked with small to medium businesses both local and foreign and helped them leverage their online presence to build awareness and get more sales.


I’m also a newbie triathlete (an age-grouper, specifically) who wants to consistently test his physical and mental mettle in aquathlons, duathlons, half-marathons, open-water swimming races and triathlons. I might not look like an actual athlete yet, but I’m getting there. I’d like to relay these journeys with you because they’re usually testaments to the strength of the human will and are inspiring. I mean, if a 200-pound loser like me can do that, so can you, right?


I’m an opinionated gamer and geek who likes reading gaming news and watching let’s plays but laments the fact that he needs to get a new desktop to be able to play those games.

That doesn’t necessarily stop me from calling myself a gamer because I think being one doesn’t apply only to video games, it extends to real life (also, board games duh)! Oh and, yeah, I still do play indie games from Steam that I find interesting and I do Dungeons and Dragons every weekend.


I’ve mentioned that I LOVE stories of amazing feats, great skills and astonishing creatures and challenges. I also LIKE sharing these stories and helping create them as time goes by.

This blog contains written experiences, events and stories about the different facets of life I encounter and the lessons I get from them. These same lessons and emotions, I wish to impart upon you, dear reader.

If you’re into at least one of the things I like, GREAT! I might be able to share some of my learnings with you. If none, well, it’s always great to have someone interested in what I have to say.

So stay awhile and listen!