Whenever I draft a social media campaign proposal for clients (small to medium businesses) and I tell them that they’ll need to get a Twitter account, they usually bring their eyebrows together and wrinkle their foreheads. As if to say, “Wait. What? We need to get a Twitter too?”

See, while I believe that businesses can be wherever they want to be (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc), I still see the need for them to be on Twitter too. And for those wondering, here’s my list of reasons why YOU should be in Twitter as well.

1. It hones your social media skills – Twitter is practically a stream of posts that you may have trouble “following”. Think of it this way, when you use Twitter, it’s like being in a party where people talk and say (otherwise) random things that can range from what they ate this morning to which came in before the chicken and the egg.

It’s noisy, confusing and, if you’re not too careful, distracting.

But that’s exactly the point: You have to make sense of all that noise and bring people to talk about your business. As a community manager, I figured I should be able to start and handle conversations about the brands I handle. And in all that chaos, I’ve managed to pull off some awesome conversations not only for myself but also for the business I help online.

But this is also the best place to be if you want to hone in on the audience you’re targetting. Which brings us to reason #2.

2. Your target audience is there – To be more specific, your more “highly-motivated” members are there. If you’re a business that provides baby products, Twitter’s a great place to find moms who need tips and tricks about taking care of their children. If you’re a business that provides web solutions, well, there are tons of peeps in Twitter who need help with their online businesses.

And because of Twitter’s “noisy” nature, you can tell that these people are “highly-motivated” because they talk about it there.

The trick is to find them, follow them and get them to follow you as an authority.

3. You can monitor how your business is doing there – Say you’re a known brand of soap. Chances are, if you’re well-known, people are going to talk about you online. How are you sure that people are saying nice things about you back there? If not, or if they have any questions, how do you respond?

Take a little look at Dell’s social media headquarters.


Image: Dell

(Full disclosure: I’d like one of those too. Like, it’s pretty awesome if you think about it.)

They spend a good deal of time going through tweets and posts online because they want to make sure that they answer or respond to anything that’s said about their business.

Would you do the same for your brand? I advise that you do.

4. Your competitor’s in there too – What better way to spy on how your competitor’s doing than on Twitter? Think about it. The content they make and the value they provide in Twitter is something that you might learn from too. And if they’re in it, you should be too, mainly because they’re getting all the perks of having a Twitter account gives.

Besides monitoring what they do, you can also get a feel of how to market “better” because you get an idea of the kind of conversations they start.

If you’re competitor’s in Twitter, you’re getting left in the dust and you should start cranking up your social media presence.

I can think of more reasons, but I felt these 4 were the most pressing ones I can share. In any case, are you on Twitter? If you are, follow me so I can totally follow you back. Let’s talk more there too!

If you’re not, heck, what are you waiting for? Get in the conversation!