New Triathlon PR – Race Report NAGT 2018

Official time:

3:28:27.0 [Garmin time 3:28:31.5]

Proud to say that I broke my baseline record (because my Regent performance sucked butts). And while I know that this isn’t exactly my A-Race for this year, I’m just happy that I’m making some modicum of progress.

Swim Leg: 0:41:16/ 0:41:26.4

Still no shark but I’m pretty happy with my swim time. Don’t really have much to say except that maybe I need to change my goggles.

I felt like I wasn’t wearing my glasses… wait. Nevermind.

Bike Leg: 1:19:53/ 1:20:23.3

Hey, I’m pretty proud of my bike time. I was happy with the race course too – mostly flat with some semblance of an uphill slope.

Image from Run Cabanatuan

But mostly, I’m going to dedicate this part to apologizing to that lady whom I overtook from the shoulder. It was a mistake of mine and I wanted to look for you to apologize profusely. I’m so sorry and I’m just glad we’re all safe. This reinforces my idea of learning how to drive so I know basic traffic rules and etiquette so I’ll be able to navigate well not only for my safety but for others’ as well.

Run Leg: 1:10:03/ 1:12:18.0

Looking back at my official time from Subit, I realize that I actually DID break my personal record.

I’m happy with that fact but I feel like I can definitely improve my legs’ performance — this is one of those rare cases where I can proudly say that my heart and lungs are willing but my legs were pretty roughed up.

Transition times:

8:05.04/ 8:36.5

9:04.5/ 5:42.8

Admittedly, I need to work on being faster when it comes to transitioning (both IRL and in the sport). Admittedly, a lot of people were saying that the race did have long transition courses — but I didn’t want to say that as my excuse. I did poorly in this part but, hey, live and learn right?

Post-Race Realization

[Moving forward, this is going to be a thing]

This sport constantly puts you in the presence of your strongest and most resilient demons. Their voices are loud and they’re persuasive and, in most instances, they’re probably right.

But what’s great about it is that you’re given a chance to listen to that one voice; amidst the cries of pain, the nagging of disappointment and the snickering of heartbreaks, that tell you that you can’t finish this, there’s one that tells you, “No, f*cker. Keep going.

And then you keep going, one foot in front of the other. The pain’s still there, the disappointment lingers and the heartbreak festers but you push through anyway. Listening to that lone voice of defiance gives you that rare opportunity to give yourself a f*cking chance to be better and prove to no one else but yourself that you’re made of heartier stuff.

You’re giving yourself the opportunity to see your truth.


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