Top 6 Hugot Songs of 2017

Figured since I’m flushing out all the bad vibes and regrets of the past year(s), I might as well make a list of the top 6 songs that irked me whenever I hear them. As much as some of them trigger me, I do recognize that some of their lyrics hits close to home and, since I’ve been internally looking at myself, I figured I might as well share what I’ve learned here as well. For the purposes, of course, of sharing and perhaps having a blog post up.

So here you go, the top 6 songs that triggered me to look at the past, sob a little, probably cheat on a bottle of beer or two and move forward.

Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Hey, those who know me very well know why this is up. But for the sake of argument, this song represents what I thought could’ve been, might’ve been in all my past romantic relationships. It’s well-written, beautifully performed and it’s got Zoey Deutch in it (who is awesome by the way).

Yes, it’s in here. Get over it. I’m not changing this list. Also, side note, the one with Beyonce manages to crush me every single time.

Someone Like You from the Jekyll and Hyde musical

Speaking of what might’ve been and what could’ve been, this song explores that possibility. We see the woman who dreams of spending her life with a Doctor (who in reality is also the other half of a monster) and it’s perfectly illustrated in the words of this song.

The audacity to dream and the courage to hope, albeit the naivete of the subject, makes this song so appealing to me that it’s arguably on my top 10 lists of songs. Also, yeah, my friend says that this is a common staple for wedding. Not exactly sure why, but I guess sad songs are a thing for happy occasions. Humanity is weird.

Pansamantala by Callalily

This one’s pretty straightforward. It tells of the frustrations of a boy who was never brave enough to go outside of the friendzone and but laments being that fallback guy whenever some as*hat hurts the girl he loves.

But I guess, the clincher lies in the first few lines of the song:

“Siya na ang mayaman, siya na ang may auto. Siya na.
(He is rich, he owns a car. It’s him.)

Siya na ang meron nang lahat ng bagay na wala ako.”
(He has everything that I do not have.)

This comparison between our protagonist (the singer) and the rest (that prince charming who happens to develop an instant effing connection with the girl the protagonist likes), hits really close to home. Particularly because I always compare myself to standards of success and, while I’m working on avoiding this as well, it still irks me.

Pangarap Lang Kita by Parokya Ni Edgar

Hey! After many iterations of this blog (and others), this song never ceases to get to my nerves. This is like Someone Like You except it also looks at the other side. Sometimes romance doesn’t happen because the other one is inferior or because he/she isn’t good enough. Sometimes it happens because of cultural and traditional differences that are irreconcilable.

Ah humanity. You’re weird and, admittedly, some of your cultures, traditions and beliefs seem to be counterproductive. But I guess that’s what makes the world go around, right? On to the next.

Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita by Roselle Nava

We do crazy stupid things for romance and love only to fall flat on our face, lose some teeth and curse the unyielding unfairness of the universe. And then we look back, realize it’s OUR fault and ask why we did it? What kind of twisted values do we share with this other person that we cling on so much to his/her memory or approval?

The sad part is two-fold: 1) You’re really not sure why and 2) it doesn’t really matter because the same subject of your affection either 1) doesn’t know you feel that way or 2) doesn’t feel that way at all. Huh? This whole thing is stupid and wasting a lot of people’s time — admittedly, a lot like this blog post.

On My Own from the Les Miserables Musical

Of course this is on my top 6 list. Same theme as most of the songs in this list. The protagonist of the song walks across the cobblestones of France imagining that the love of her life is beside her. Only to realize, in the end, that she’s been thinking about this too much and that this kind of relationship would never work out.

How profoundly miserable. I made a guy version of this song once (no, I’m definitely not posting it here). And truth be told, I sang the same in Cebu a few years back — literally while walking across its streets.

That about wraps it up for my Hugot list. What’s on yours?

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