Regent 5150 Results: Flew Too Close To The Sun

In my want to beat my previous time of 3:36, I may have pushed myself a little too far in terms of training and have not amply recovered for Regent 5150. I’m not really sure, but some of my friends say it’s because I went HAM on the first two legs.

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Before I get into it however, I’d like to thank the people who went there and cheered us on. It was a particularly harrowing race but we got to finish it and I’m thankful to everyone who pushed us on. Here we go:


So I FAILED to go past my baseline time.  It feels a little disappointing of course but it’s all part of the game. What matters is I get to pick myself up again after this really menacing upset.

I’ve got a few theories why and I’ll explain some of them later on as we progress through this race report. For now, here’s a quick recap of how well I did per leg.

Swim Leg: 00:42:32 (Previous time: 0:46:15)

My swim felt fantastic amidst the almost rainy weather and the numerous arms and legs that seemed to appear out of nowhere. I might’ve shortened my time partially because of the entire course being just one loop but I did push in a little effort. Overall, I felt unfazed and super determined to go faster and beat my previous time.

Bike Leg: 01:31:34 (Previous time: 1:39:41)

Super proud of this leg because I pushed hard and fast for this time. My Garmin actually tells me that my time was 1:22:00 but either way, considering it took me a long time to put it on (my watch’s straps are broken),


I think I did well (too well, in fact). It might have something to do with the course being entirely flat or my hellbent determination to beat my previous time but I really put in some semblance of effort.

Run Leg: 01:25:45 (Previous time: 1:10:41)

This was the point of the title. After cutting off roughly 12 minutes in the past two legs, I put in an additional 15 minutes in the run leg. I burned myself out in the swim and bike legs which lead to this really disappointing run time. Don’t get me wrong though, I tried. But my fatigue was apparent — Kuya Kim even tapped me on my shoulder and gestured if I was okay (Shoutout to Kuya Kim: Thank you, sir!).

At the end of the day, I was disappointed. I tried so hard and got so far but in the end, I bonked. Felt like I didn’t deserve this beautiful medal.

I’ve got so many theories as to why I did terrible in the last leg but it all boils down to one thing: Recovery and knowing your pace plays a big part in determining how well you’d perform in a race. This is a lesson I’ve learned the hard way and, moving forward, I want to get better.

So much for rolling for my constitution saving throw.

The Next Battle?

I won’t be doing another Standard Tri race this year (which makes this race time so effing disappointing argh) because of budget constraints (going to Singapore for a digital marketing conference). But I’m looking forward to Subic Ironman 70.3 next year and maybe some Olympic distance races before and after.

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Either way, the vow of enmity has strengthened and I’m hellbent to beating this and my baseline time. I think I’m starting to break through the feelings of disappointment and regret – it’s high time I get back to work.

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