Baseline Time Achieved – Vow Of Enmity Cast

The 2017 NTT Subic Bay International Triathlon concluded a few days ago and, I have to say, it was GREAT to be with people I consider to be my second family over the weekend.

Congratulations to all the finishers of #SubIT2017!

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What made it even better was that they were with me in my longest and toughest race (so far) – we swam together, rode and ran together. It was one helluvan experience that I will share with people whenever I get the chance.

That said, here’s what my overall time is:


That right there is my baseline time and I think, as a beginner in the sport, I did fairly average considering my overall performance. Hopefully, I get to improve in my next race (Regent 51/50).

A vow of enmity is hereby cast and we will do whatever it takes to get better.

Swim Leg: 0:46:15

I’ve always had confidence with my swim technique since I’ve got my training from Bert Lozada Swim School through Coach Elleigh (one of the best and inspiring coaches I’ve met). That said, however, I didn’t take it easy. I put in some effort in this leg because I knew that this would set the tone for the entire race.

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I was always warned to not stay near the lane because that’s where a lot of people will be passing through. Despite this warning, however, I somehow stayed close and got trampled on by the next wave.

An ancient dragon doesn’t relent, however, and despite the pulls, scratches and [un]intentional(?) punches/jabs, I managed to get out with a smile on to the next leg.

I made a mental note to myself to listen to this piece of advice and try to stay out of the crowd’s way.

Bike Leg: 1:39:41

Can I just say that, as a triathlete whose strongest discipline is the cycling leg, I found this one to be my most disappointing performance? A part of me still feels this way but I’m slowly getting over it.

I realize that my transition times were included here (from the swim on to the run leg) but still, urgh, I could’ve done so much better. I also checked with my Garmin and it says that my bike time was actually 1:31:25 so I’m pretty chill with it now it’s just that argh

But  I’m letting it go… NOW.

Okay, the bike leg was fun and was exhilarating because I felt the thrill of the race. In fact, I felt the inner speed demon in me try to get out BUT I managed to keep it in its place after I heard ambulance sirens somewhere along the way. I’ve told myself to put safety above speed at all times and  I did.

I was also given advice by my run coach, Pj Rivera, regarding turning. Apparently, the way I used to do it is very dangerous and can render me prone to accidents. Thanks to his helpful advice, however, I was able to make those turns better and safer.

That said, I just recently learned that I get #triggered whenever someone overtakes me and I do not find it cool. Gotta learn how to keep myself chill and enjoy MY time.

Run Leg: 1:10:41

This was, by far, the most grueling run I’ve had in a race ever. I felt so many strong feelings because I promised myself to NOT take it easy. Surprisingly, I set a new PR for my 10 km runs in this race (which prompted everyone to think that I was taking it easy in the past training sessions lol I was worried for my knees guys).

Cried in the last 500 meters not because of the heat nor the strain in my knees. It was the epiphany that this was what all my training in the past had amounted into. I had my siblings in my mind too the entire time; like some sort of reminder that I have to keep myself strong not only for myself but for them too.

What added to the moment was that, in my head, this was playing:

For people who are fans of the World of Warcraft lore, they’d understand why this song is such a heart breaker. It essentially highlights the heroism of one Varian Wrynn in the war for Azeroth against the burning legion – how he realizes how peace is a noble aspiration but in order to keep it, he must fight.

[SPOILER] He dies in that expansion.

For some reason, I found that song in my head to be fitting because I was listening to it when I crashed from last year. My high-paying clients pulled out, some of whom I consider to be my close friends severed ties, my family needed some help from me that I couldn’t give and I was on a diet with a relatively tough workout regimen.

And that entire time, what kept me going was the promise of making myself stronger and better. Things are relatively better now and while the challenges never really go away, this moment of peace and harmony is something that I must routinely fight for.

So yeah, in my head, that was what was going on. It’s probably why I cried on that last stretch. I had something to fight for.

The Next Battle

So yeah, I felt REALLY awesome about SubIT and I’m definitely looking forward to next year. However, I might’ve been a little too impulsive because…


That’s right, folks. I signed up for Regent 5150 because why the eff not?! Well, it was mostly because I wanted to see how this would affect me and, as I’ll be discussing in the next blog post, it’s not really going as good as I thought it would.

But hey, I signed up for it. I wanted this. So here I am. Strength be with you, reader; and with me as well.

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