I’m Carlo Angelo Gonzales and I’m an entrepreneur, a digital marketing consultant, a gamer, geek and frustrated dungeon master!

Welcome to my little space in the Internet where I share my experiences, stories and lessons from the many facets of life I encounter.

If you’re into geek and gaming stuff, I’d guarantee that this is a GREAT place to hang out in! As a geek and gamer myself, I do reviews on movies and games, I post Let’s Plays of games and other stuff here and in my YouTube channel. So if you’re like me, AWESOME! Hope to see your comments on my opinions on gamer and geek stuff soon!

If you’re a Filipino Digital Entrepreneur, we might have the same experiences, struggles and aspirations so maybe stay awhile and listen! I might have some pieces of advice for you or you might have some for me. Let me know and we’d both have a great time sharing stories and experiences together!

If you’re a business owner and need to leverage your online presence to meet your goals, you’re in luck because I can help you with that! Just let me know and I’ll be glad to assist you in the best way I can.

If you’re a newbie triathlete, this is also EXCELLENT! I’d love to hear your experiences on triathlons and how it challenges the human will and limits. I also hope to inspire other people out there who are starting their respective journeys to fitness – we have the same struggles but it’s always like that in the beginning. Things get easier as time goes by.

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In any case, I hope to be efficient in sharing my stories with you and create some semblance of a good impression in the world and online.

Cheers to you, reader!

What’s This Blog For?

I love stories and I adore narrating them. Thing is, I often have a difficult time trying to find a space in my schedule to write about them.

Essentially, this blog is my attempt at overcoming this specific hurdle and I would definitely appreciate feedback of any kind.

About Me

I’m Carlo Angelo Gonzales and I’m an entrepreneur, a digital marketing consultant, a gamer, geek and frustrated dungeon master. I’m glad you got to visit my humble little space in the Internet.

I hope to be of service to you be it in providing strategic digital marketing advice or in just letting you know how to navigate through an abyssal dungeon in some forsaken town.

Whatever it is you need, I hope to help in the form of a narrative, a list article, a video or all of each at the same time.

So sit tight and enjoy the ride! Continue reading “About Me”



While I know that this blog has now been modified to talk about my many different experiences about life, love and liberty, I’ve also decided to turn it into a channel for people who need my Digital Marketing services and others to find me.

I’d like to receive feedback for anything I write. If you have any recommendations, suggestions or questions, let me know and I’ll do my absolute best to respond in the soonest possible time. If you’re interested in my Digital Marketing expertise, you can also let me know about it!



Normally, I get new leads and clients from social media and from referrals from business associates. Sometimes, I meet them in events or through my friends. Either way, I’m ready to work with you in the context of digital marketing.

If you’ve found me off the Internet, have seen what I can do and want to talk business with me (or if you just want to talk about my helping you leverage your online presence for your business), send me an email at: carloangelo.gonzales@gmail.com.

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