I’m a digital entrepreneur, a newbie triathlete, and a gamer and geek.


Digital Marketing Strategy Creation

I help businesses establish their point A and help them reach their point B online.

Digital Marketing Consultation and Training

I educate, empower and assist businesses and their respective employees to improve their online presence.

Digital Marketing Services Outsourcing

I’m able to help clients find the digital marketing solutions and personnel they require in order to meet their business goals.

Social Media Management

I help companies in leveraging their social media properties for the purpose of meeting their business goals.

Why Work With Me

Experience and Know-How

I’ve worked with businesses and brands for almost a decade and have undergone several digital marketing training.

Goal-Oriented Approach

When dealing with clients, I make it a point that our goals are SMART. Specific, Measurable, Action-Based, Relevant and Time-bound.

Customer Experience Above All

I value my clients’ experience when working with me and I make it a point that I assist them all the way.

Commitment to Excellence

Whether it’s reporting to SCRUM calls or sending deliverables, I make it a point that I deliver on time and in excellence. No excuses.

Organizations I’ve Worked With

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